Florence : what next?


As you’re reading this, I will have just arrived in Florence, and will most likely be completely out of my depth. I still haven’t found anywhere to live, and have had to book a hostel for the first week to allow myself to view some apartments in person.

I feel like now is an important time to review my time in Paris and what I will do differently now that I have moved to Florence.

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Six months in Paris : Expectations vs Reality


So I have returned from my six month placement in Paris. It was amazing, and I’m very sad about the fact I can no longer see the Pantheon by my side every time I leave the house and the Eiffel Tower whenever I bring myself to cook an actual meal!

In this blog post I wanted to explore some of my expectations that I had before I came to Paris and how they turned out. Who knows, maybe this will help someone who is about to embark on a stay in Paris.

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