Back in Florence, and a day trip to Bologna

I spent the next week or so back in Florence, mainly checking out the beaches, shops and views, but I also managed to fit in a day trip to Bologna to meet my friend Eleanor!

For a lot of the days, I went to a beach on the Arno with my friends. This beach is in the centre of Florence which is super convenient. Obviously the water is not at all hygienic so I would not advise paddling but it is a nice place to relax and sunbathe.IMG_3851One evening, Flo and I checked out the street food market type place. It was full of locals which I really appreciate, and I got a really really tasty burger.IMG_3847IMG_3852

Sunsets in Florence never fail to amaze me. To be honest I love sunsets anyway, but I just love how it sets over the Arno!IMG_3866Midway through June, I took the train to Bologna and met Eleanor there.

surprisingly not Venice this time!

Bologna was very pretty. However, if you ever find yourself making the trip from Florence to Bologna make sure you book in advance because it was very very expensive for a day trip!IMG_391119904906_1368907086519374_6771866569791400068_n

This was a lovely day and catch up with Eleanor. It was nice to have a relaxing week or two back in Florence, especially because I then got on a plane and spent 6 days in Durham! Check out my next post to see photos from our June Ball there.


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