Verona and Venice

A long time coming, but here is what I got up to when I visited Verona and Venice with my friend Immy!

I met Immy on the Sunday morning, back in Venice.

IMG_3718These photos do not convey how insanely hot it was, we were both dying every single time we had to walk in the sun!IMG_3720

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However, the heat did not detract from the insane beauty of the place

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IMG_3730After spending the afternoon in the sweltering heat in Venice we were actually pretty relieved to get on an air-conditioned train to Verona.IMG_3743IMG_3747As you can see, Verona is stunning. It is such a romantic city, and not just because of the significance for Romeo and Juliet!IMG_3748IMG_3751IMG_3755After spending the night in a BnB, we got a coffee from a very Italian cafe and planned our day.
IMG_3757First, before the heat had fully hit, we headed up a big hill to Castel San Pietro, where we found this amazing view over the city.IMG_3765

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18921898_10209732467856439_4425524210349641722_nWe then, of course, visited Juliet’s house, where we found all of these letters people had written to Juliet!IMG_3792

We also had a look at Castelvecchio.

(what you cannot tell is how terrified I was when this photo was being taken lol yay for heights!)


After this it began pouring with rain and we had to run for cover in the many shops Verona has to offer! I was actually pretty jealous, the only vaguely affordably priced shops in Florence are Zara and H&M.

I had a lovely two days with Immy, and I expect to return to Verona pretty soon! I thought it would be more gimmicky what with all the Romeo and Juliet hype, but it was actually very quaint and beautiful.


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