Turin and Milan

As part of my travels around Italy, I visited Turin and Milan with my aunt. Here is what we got up to!

We met at Milano centrale, which, it has to be said, is not my favourite train station. If you ever find yourself there definitely keep your wits about you, many people tried to scam us into giving them money.

It has a cool sculpture outside of it though!IMG_3583From there we caught a train, taking us too Turin. I really liked this city, it’s very beautiful but with a different feel to Florence or the South. Somehow feels more Swiss, definitely more organised (yay for stereotypes lol).  IMG_3586IMG_3596 We checked out a vegan restaurant for dinner. To be honest, I was not a massive fan of it,  being allergic to nuts and sesame does not really go well with vegan food; I could only eat a few things on the menu and they were pretty underwhelming.

IMG_3599After spending the night in Turin we returned to Milan and checked into our stunning hotel for the night!

IMG_3610I was not overly inspired by Milan, the Duomo (as seen below) is very cool but other than that it mainly seemed like a business city rather than catered towards tourists. I also found the discrepancy between the rich business men and the homeless people living in the streets quite shocking.IMG_3616IMG_3622

a very spooky statue in the Cathedral!

We went to a mozzarella bar on top of the Rinascente building, I never knew there were so many types of mozzarella!

did i mention it was a rooftop bar looking over the duomo lol

IMG_3645IMG_3646The next morning we had lunch in the hotel before I had to rush off and get my train back to Florence. This featured a very fancy selection of breads which I very much appreciated (carbs are life!)IMG_3660

And that concluded our exploration of Turin and Milan. I really enjoyed spending time with my aunt and exploring two new cities and I definitely want to return to Turin some time and do some more of the tourist sites. I find it so fascinating how each city in Italy has such a different feel, still cannot decide which is my favourite!




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