Week 12 : Eurovision

This week saw my attempts at getting a job in Florence and experiencing Eurovision from another country!

I started the week on 8th May by Santa Croce for a drink with my friends after our lecture. Not before, however, posing in front of the signs celebrating 30 years of Erasmus lol..



On the Thursday we went for an aperitivo at Oibo for Laura’s birthday. I got a really cool one, I think called Little Red Riding Hood or something, it was such a beautiful colour!

IMG_3320If you go to an aperitivo here I highly recommend the fried dough, It was irresistible.

This week saw me attempt to get a job. I printed off loads of CVs and handed them round to various shops and bars on Wednesday. On Thursday I got a call from a cafe by San Lorenzo organising an interview for the Friday.

I was absolutely terrified before the interview; I arrived half an hour early (which was obviously very unnecessary in Italy- they ended up delaying the interview by half an hour anyway!). When I finally entered the cafe I stumbled over the word interview (colloquio) and from there on in they decided I couldn’t speak Italian.

It was so stressful but by the end it seemed as if I had got the job- they asked me to send them my timetable for the next few weeks and all the relevant documents.

When I left I had so much adrenaline! It transpires that I did not in fact get the job; they never got back to me, despite chasing them up. However, it was an invaluable experience, interviewing in Italian. And I had to remind myself of a lot of Italian the night before in preparation, which was a much needed refresh!

On Saturday I went to a friend’s house for Eurovision!!! It was so fun experiencing Eurovision from central Europe, and I only ended up getting home at 7am!!


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