Week 11 : The Haircut

I kicked off May with a brand new haircut!

On Tuesday I went back to Blue Velvet or the first time in forever. It was circus themed and we got given some crazy wigs! It was such a fun night that I did not get home until 5am D:


On the Friday I went to a birthday party and then we headed to Space (where water costs €3 not cool!!) There was a flashmob of professional dancers at one point which was pretty cool.


The weekend was packed! After only getting to bed at 4am, I woke up bright and early on Saturday for my haircut.

We went to Aveda which was pretty snazzy. They give you a head massage whilst washing your hair with special oils that you can choose from (I chose lavender).

When they asked how short I wanted it I had a yolo moment and got so much cut off!!

I do like the haircut though, it is much less effort and is perfect for the warm weather.

After our haircuts we went to an all you can eat sushi place called Wasabi, close to San Lorenzo, and absolutely stuffed ourselves!

I highly recommend it, it was only €15 for lunch I think. Just remember to finish everything you order otherwise you have to pay for whatever you don’t manage to eat.

We went to La Menagère after that which is a super hipster bar where we had some pretty expensive cocktails, and then to Ditta Artiginale for some gin and tonics. I then finished a very expensive day at Flo’s, where we had Puttanesca and watched Spy.


On the Sunday we went to Giardino Bardini. Unfortunately, the beautiful flower archway from the other week was no more but the gardens and the views were still stunning.


After this we had a look round the Porcellino market and then ate lunch outside Santa Croce.

The weather began to turn so we went to Gelateria dei Neri, got some gelato, then headed home in the rain!


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