Week Ten : Pisa

The tenth week of my time in Florence fell in the last week of April. I got to explore Pisa and a little more of Florence whilst also celebrating a birthday and experiencing some interesting Spanish music!

I started the week with a day trip to Pisa. I had never been here before and it was well worth the trip! It is true that most of the monuments are in the square containing the leaning tower, so I don’t know if I would come here for more than a day trip. But I’m definitely glad I got to see it and spend some time with different people 🙂

Classic tourist

I would definitely recommend a look in the cathedral, it is free and is stunning, a lot more beautiful than the inside of the churches that I have seen here in Florence.
The tower itself costs €18 so we did not climb it. However we paid to see the three other monuments: the baptistry, the Camposanto and the Sinopie Museum. This came to €8 and I do think it was worth it.

Inside the camposanto

On Tuesday it was Annabel’s birthday so we went for a picnic in the Rose garden which was beautiful. There were cute puppies and babies lol what more could you ask for?


In the evening we went for an aperitivo at Soul Kitchen and then for drinks in Moyo which felt suitably sophisticated.

Soul kitchen aperitivo

On Thursday I went to the Erasmus aperitivo and then to Bamboo. I have to say Bamboo is not my favourite club, they play pretty exclusively Spanish music of which I know very little and there did not seem to be thaat many people our age. However I had a good time regardless, especially once the bartender served us some powderpuff girl drinks!!


So cute!

img_3277On Sunday I went to Piazzale Michelangelo again with my friend. The views are just stunning I will never get over it!We also had a look in the Basilica San Miniato which is officially my favourite church in Florence. The layout was really interesting, very different from any other church I have seen.


Overall I had a very lovely week exploring Pisa and Florence and going out and having fun. I cannot believe I have been here for ten weeks already- it simultaneously feels like I’ve been here forever and also for not time at all!



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