Week Eight : Roma

This week I finally got to visit Rome! I had been there before when I was 14 for a school trip but this was the first time I was allowed free reign to see whatever I wanted and I loved it!

The week started with my last day at home. I was really sad to leave, it was so nice to be able to relax all day and cuddle with the cats whenever I (or more realistically they) wanted. However, I couldn’t exactly complain – I knew that on Wednesday I would be heading to Rome!

Rome was amazing. I love Florence, it feels like a fairytale land and I feel really safe here. However, Rome felt much more real in comparison, much like Paris did.

I’m still glad I went to Florence instead of Rome, seeing as I’d already experienced a capital city for the first half of my year abroad, and it is pretty amazing to be able to say I live in Florence! But if I were to spend another 6 months in Italy I would definitely pick Rome next.

We started the trip at the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Despite the crowds it was amazing to see so many buildings still somewhat standing after all this time, and the Roman Forum provided a stunning view over the city.

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We then visited the Trevi fountain and got some gelato (classic). It was kinda surreal, seeing all of these places and vaguely recognising them from my trip nearly 8 years ago!

We finished the day at the Pantheon and I enjoyed some spaghetti all’amatriciana. My knowledge of pasta is not one to be envyed but I’m trying to learn while I’m here and I definitely loved this dish! (It’s basically spaghetti with pork, onion, tomatoes and cheese).

The next day we visited the Vatican. We were hoping to go inside, bringing jeans to cover our legs, but it transpired my friend forgot to pack hers. It was not the end of the world seeing as I’d been inside before but it is definitely something I will make sure to do next time I’m in Rome.

Castel Sant’Angelo was our next step, here there were again stunning views of Rome. If you are feeling a little rich there is a cafe at the top where you can relax in front of these stunning views with a coffee or a beer.


Finishing the day on the Spanish Steps, we had another fancy meal near the Trevi Fountain and headed home to watch Midnight in Paris, making me very nostalgic for the first half of my year abroad!

On Friday we tried to get into the Vatican again, but this time were prevented access by the fact it was, of course, Good Friday. We spent the rest of the day exploring until 4 when I had to get the train home.

Rome is a beautiful city, and I did enjoy the hustle and bustle of an obviously metropolitan city, much more so than Florence.

However, Florence is still amazing! On Saturday I went with my friend Laura to the Bardini gardens, where there is currently this beautiful view.

On Easter Sunday I went with my two friends to the Duomo, where they were holding a special festival, the Scoppio del Carro. After waiting around for about an hour we were treated to an amazing firework show in the middle of the day! Ngl I was absolutely terrified haha, had forgotten how much fireworks scare me! Here are some photos but if you want to see a video of the event be sure to check out my Instagram!

This week was really exciting, getting to explore Rome and then some of Florence as well made me so grateful to be doing this year abroad. These are memories I will treasure next year when I’m in the midst of dissertation stress!


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