Week Six : Friends and Family

This week started with friends and ended with family, involving the usual mix of gelato, aperitivos and pizza!

I started the week getting gelato with Annabel and Matteo.


We went to this cute spot where you are literally sitting next to the river. It’s like a minibeach in the centre of the city.

On Tuesday we once again, big surprise, hit Blue Velvet, starting the evening outside Santa Croce as per usual!


We also taught our first english lesson this week. We signed up to teach free english lessons to adults. We were told they would be at intermediate level, but it soon transpired that was much lower than we were expecting.

Even though it was a bit of a shock when some of them could not understand a word we were saying, by the end of the lesson I was really starting to enjoy myself. It’s really interesting to approach your language from a non native speaker’s POV.

On Thursday evening I met up with my tandem partner again, this time we went for an aperitivo at Oibò. I was actually really pleased with myself, I managed to talk to her for such a long time in Italian, and it felt pretty natural!


On Friday night I had expected to have a quiet night in, to prepare for my family’s arrival the following day. However, when my housemate invited me for drinks with them I could not refuse!

We initially went to Santo Spirito where we ordered some drinks and chatted on the square. When we were heading back we were asked directions by some guys, who then invited us to a party.

This was an utterly bizarre experience, from what I could gather I think we gatecrashed an electricity trade show after-party. It was in a massive warehouse and was full of drunk middle-aged people! Despite the free bar the music was awful and after getting hit on by some not so young men we decided to make a quick escape.


Very interesting decor

The next day I ran to the station, where I met my family. It was so lovely to see them and show them around my new home city. After settling into the Airbnb I took them to the pizza place on Via dei Neri that I mentioned in my previous post. This included many ridiculous situations such as my dad forgetting his glasses and having to read the menu with a torch in the middle of the restaurant!

I then took them to Gelateria dei Neri (it was absolute chaos trying to order us five different ice creams in Italian!) and then we went to Ponte Vecchio to eat them.

Lottie being her usual delightful self 😉
The view from the airbnb terrace was amazing!

That evening everyone was feeling very tired after having to wake up at 4am so I let them sleep and went for drinks with loads of people from Edinburgh uni by Santa Croce, which mainly involved us wandering round trying to find a free club haha.

The next day, after a lazy morning we headed to the Uffizi. It was the first Sunday of the month, so all of the museums were free. However, the queue for the Uffizi was insane, so we hastily made our way to Palazzo Pitti instead.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The view from Palazzo Pitti is stunning, and we got to see the extravagant rooms housed there.

After waiting for the rain to abide we finally went to the Uffizi Gallery, where we of course saw Botticelli’s Venus and Primavera, and a whole host of Italian Renaissance paintings.
That evening I introduced my family to aperitivos! We went to Soul Kitchen, again by Santa Croce. The food here was really nice; it was a lovely ending to the week, sharing this beautiful city with my family!





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