Week Five : Busy busy busy

Week five of my time in Florence saw me consuming scary volumes of pizza and doing something fun six nights out of seven! I loved it!

The week started on Monday 20th March. I went on a cute pizza and wine date with my friend Annabel at Pizza Oriuolo in the Santa Croce area. We went back to hers afterwards and watched Lovesick on Netflix, I really loved this show and ngl had finished both series by the end of the week!

On Tuesday we hit Blue Velvet again, this time it was a 90s night, and thankfully there were a lot less creepy men this time!

I went for a pizza night again with Annabel and Laura on Wednesday, this time on Via dei Neri. I actually ended up getting pasta this time, the carbonara was insaaaane! I will definitely be going back there sometime soon.

love of my life

On Thursday my friend held a leaving drinks at Moyo. I was very excited to go because I had heard a lot about the food at this place, and I did not leave disappointed- lots of carbs which is definitely up my street!

It was nice to get to know some new people and relax and have fun. The cocktail was also very nice lol (I recommend the Mojito Passion if anyone finds themselves there anytime soon).

For Friday’s evening activity I went for pizza with some girls who I did not know too well. I love how easy it is here to enjoy time with people you have only just met! We went to Briscola – Pizza Society which was cool because you basically choose two different mini pizzas for €10.


On Saturday we were meant to go to Pisa but my friend was not feeling too well so instead we did a little bit of shopping and then watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and her house (very relevant haha).

I finally did something cultural on Sunday, going to Dante’s house. It was only €4 and it was interesting to find out more about Dante’s life and see pictorial representations of the Divina Commedia.

However, I was a bit disappointed to learn that the house had been rebuilt in the 1910s- took a bit of the magic away,

After this we watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which, shockingly, I had not seen before. I really enjoyed seeing so much of Notre Dame, it was a nice reminder of my time in Paris, when I’d walk past Notre Dame every time I wanted to go shopping!

And, of course, we finished the week with pizza!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I loved how close I felt to everyone here this week. And it is so nice that my memories of the week are filled with socialising with friends and having fun. (Also sorry for the lack of photos by the way, I promise more are coming in the next post!)


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