Week Four : Pints and pretty piazzas

Okay this is horrendously late, I apologise. The weeks are really getting away with me! However, I didn’t want to miss out a week so you will just have to deal with a lot of backlog haha!

Here’s what I got up to in my fourth week in Florence (13th – 19th March).

This week saw the start of the warmth and I loved it, I have had so much gelato it is actually quite worrying.

I once again frequented the classy establishment that is Blue Velvet. The number of sleezy men this time was ridiculous, I constantly had to ward of unwanted touches. However, I tried not to let it ruin the night, and had a lot of fun with the “jungle” facepaint.


I also finally watched A Room with a View with Annabel. This was pretty surreal- the first half of the film is set in Florence and it was so cool to see the places I pass on an average day in a film.

On Friday it was Saint Patrick’s Day. So, of course, we did a pub crawl consisting of many of the Irish pubs found in Florence. I was put in charge of facepaint which was actually so fun, even if the shamrocks got more and more dodgy with each beer consumed!

Green pints!

The weekend was super busy as usual. I met up with a girl I had met on a tandem website on the Saturday, Spending hours speaking Italian was so helpful and she was really sweet so I will definitely be meeting up with her again soon!

That evening I went to see Beauty and the Beast with some friends. I was pleasantly surprised! Not going to lie, I hadn’t had particularly high expectations beforehand, but it was super cute and romantic, and I loved how feminist Emma Watson made her role.

On Sunday I went on yet another Erasmus trip, this time to Pistoia and Lucca.

I have to say, Pistoia was not particularly stunning, but I loved Lucca!

It had a really beautiful square which really stood out to me. I think because of how white and gleaming it seemed.

There was also another square in the shape of a circle, which was very cool. It was built on the site, and in the shape, of an old Roman amphitheatre.

Completely failed to show how circular it was lol

We hired a six seat bike and cycled along the city walls which was absolutely hilarious, trying to squeeze between the many pedestrians on the massive thing.

I am absolutely loving Florence, I never feel bored and there’s always something to do! Everyone here is so lovely and friendly.


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