Week Three: Heading Out!

Week three saw me experiencing three different clubs in Florence for the first time, and the wonders of Volterra and Monteriggioni…

On Tuesday I went to an Erasmus aperitivo at the American Diner, where they sell you two (pretty strong) drinks for €7. After a little bit of very cringe karaoke, we all headed to Blue Velvet.

It was a “Flou” night, which basically meant free, glow in the dark facepaint! It was so so fun!!

Loving life


After suffering through a very tired Wednesday, and seven hours of lectures on Thursday (!!) that night we went to another of those aperitivos held at the Bibliotheca Oblate. This time, they decided to have a karaoke night. For some reason this was so much cringier than Tuesday’s, I think because this bar is much more open and I was sitting right at the front!

After this… experience… we went to Bamboo, in Santa Croce. However, I really wasn’t feeling it, they had hired some male strippers for International Women’s Day (because that makes sense) and I just felt so uncomfortable that I left after about 10 minutes.

On Friday a few friends and I went to an International Dinner. The idea was to bring a dish from your country, so my friend provided the scones and I the digestive biscuits (not proud of my lack of effort lol pls don’t judge).


We got to taste some beautiful food, I particularly enjoyed the potato and cheese dish from Germany and the goods from the Greece table.

It was really fun to share a bit of culture in this way with lots of people from all over the world.

That night we went to Space. I really liked this club (no doubt helped by the fact it is the only one close enough to my house that I don’t have to stress about walking alone for too far). They also played a lot of Beyonce which is always good by me!


On Saturday I tried out a bar I’d always walked past and had been very curious about. It is called La Menagère and is on Via de’Ginori. The decor is so cool, there were plants everywhere and it felt so trendy. The drinks were pretty expensive, €10 for a cocktail, but I think it was worth it for a special treat in a super cool atmosphere. We even managed to listen to some live music and I felt very swanky!

After sitting for a little while by the river, I headed home, conscious of my early morning the next day, for this week’s trip!

can you see the fear in my eyes

This week, I went to Volterra and Monteriggioni. I love doing weekly trips around Tuscany. It’s nice to get away from the tourists in Florence at the weekend and to see towns that I would never have otherwise visited.


Volterra had some beautiful views over the Tuscan countryside.


I really liked Monteriggioni. It is a very very small town surrounded by high city walls. I felt like I was in Game of Thrones or something!


This week I felt really settled and I had so much fun. I feel like I have already made some really good friends and am so excited for the next few months (and the oncoming warmth!)

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