Week Two : Aperitivos and Italian Lectures

Better late than never, here’s my rundown of my second week in Florence, including three aperitivos, two new towns and one interesting jazz experience…

Even though a lot of the week consisted of admin, from sorting out language classes to working out the logistics of my timetable, I did manage to have a lot of fun, especially in the evenings and at the weekend.

On Monday evening I went for my first ever aperitivo with my housemate and her friend. It was amazing, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone who doesn’t know what one is (I certainly didn’t) but if you’re ever in Italy make sure you go to one!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

We then went to a Jazz bar, however what we thought was going to be a cute, trendy night of jazz soon turned into complete bewilderment. Think Schoenberg, think completely random sounds played on top of one another, forming no cohesive rhythm or tune. After suffering for half an hour or so we made our escape and finished the night in a much more traditional bar.

On Tuesday the University held an Erasmus Welcome Day, where they informed us of many practicalities related to our studies, and then surprised us with a free buffet! With free prosecco!!

That evening I went for dinner with my housemates, as one of them was leaving on Wednesday. We went to La Sprone in the Santo Spirito area and I had a pizza and tried  zuppa inglese, despite its name this is actually an Italian pudding, layering custard and sponge cake, it was beautiful!

interesting choice of placemat

After waking up at the ungodly hour of 7am on Wednesday, and practically running to the lecture hall, I arrived at the building to discover that that module was not set to start until the next Monday! So I spent an hour or two in a beautiful café called La Cocotte  (review coming soon).

Who knows what happened in my first actual lecture two hours later, not a word was understood!

That evening I had another aperitivo and watched Manchester by the Sea. This was a harrowing film and I came away feeling mildly distressed but definitely glad I saw it.

the Odeon cinema is stunning

Thursday saw my second lecture, where you’ll be glad to hear I understood a few sentences, a big improvement! I also had an Italian language lesson, where we were taught Italian through exploring Italian art. This was so fascinating and we talked for the entire 3 hours, so I got some much needed practice in!

Yet another aperitivo was attended that evening, this time organised by the Erasmus group ESN. This was in an amazing terrace bar on top of the bibliotheca oblate, with a stunning view over the duomo. Unluckily I didn’t get a photo, but I will definitely remember to take one next time!

Friday, with its lack of lectures, saw gelatos and coffee (so italian), a new rucksack, and me finally decorating my room and starting to feel properly settled.


The weekend was super busy. On Saturday I went on an Erasmus trip to Pienza and Montepulciano. I’m not going to lie, the weather was not on our side. It was freezing cold and constantly drizzling, and by the end I just wanted to be snuggled up somewhere warm. However, the day was enjoyable nonetheless, the towns were beautiful and we got to taste some lovely wine and olive oil.


Tea was the only saviour



And then on the Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, the museums were open for free! We headed for the Uffizi, and, of course, I forgot my phone so couldn’t take any photos 😥 but stay tuned because that was most definitely not a one time visit.

There were so many amazing works but I think my favourite was Botticelli’s Primavera.

It was a beautiful end to a hectic week, and I spent that night mostly asleep, preparing for my first full week of lectures to come!


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