Birthdays Galore


When my friend Flis invited me to her 21st birthday party in Cambridge on the 26th November, the night after my sister’s birthday, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to celebrate two birthdays in one weekend!

During the week beforehand, I came down with an awful cold (almost definitely as an aftermath of my weekend in Durham). It was so bad I couldn’t go into work Wednesday or Thursday and spent most of the week solely drinking soup and blowing my nose. Year abroad goals!! However, I improved just in time so that by Friday I only had some vague sniffles and was ready to return home!

This journey was much more pleasant than my journey to Durham the week before. I got the train to the airport, got on the plane, landed in London about 40 minutes later and was greeted by my Dad who drove me home.

I’d been super excited to see my cat, it had been four months (!) and all I wanted was a cuddle with him haha. But, of course, he had other ideas…

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Just wanted some cat cuddles 😦

When I got to the house he was nowhere to be seen. About an hour later I was talking to my Dad in the kitchen when suddenly he shouts “HE’S GOT A SQUIRREL!!”. And there was Draco (an aptly named cat I know) with a maaassive half dead squirrel in his mouth! It was horrific!

So after spending about an hour locked in my room terrified that he would try and bring it to me, finally my mumcame home and disposed of the corpse in the garden.

From then on I had a lovely time, we celebrated my sister’s 16th birthday and I was suitably jealous of all her presents.

The next morning I chatted with Lottie for a bit but then had to rush of to get to Cambridge (not before quickly getting my eyebrows done of course lol).

Once in Cambridge it was so lovely to see my home friends again! I hadn’t seen them since July so we had a good catch up whilst getting ready for Flis’s 21st. I wore a red playsuit that was waaaaay too cold for the English winter temperatures!!


The party was lots of fun, and we headed out after which was so good, I’ve barely been clubbing in Paris so it was nice to let out some of my dancing cravings!

The next morning I had to leave relatively early to get to Gatwick on time but I left feeling very happy and very excited for my bed!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It was such a nice weekend spent with friends and family, and even though this weekend, coupled with the weekends to Munich and Durham, had cost a hell of a lot, they were definitely worth it. The memories are so special.

However, I was very much looking forward to spending a weekend in Paris after all this travelling. Do not fear, a blog post will be coming very soon on what I got up!


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