Sorry for the radio silence yet again, got super unwell and since then have been crazy busy at work! However, I have lots of posts coming up to catch up with all the missed weekends! Here’s what I got up to in Durham the other weekend!

Let’s be real, travelling there was hell. With a mixture of delayed planes and trains, by the time I actually got to Newcastle we ended up missing the last train back to Durham! Had to wait until quarter past midnight for a train from Newcastle to Durham and only got to bed at 2am (3am French time I was not okay lol).

However, Saturday was lovely. I went for brunch with Wenrong and had a lovely catch up (and food). We shared an eggs benedict and loooooads of pancakes!

So cute !


can you tell i’d had zero sleep lol

Then I went for coffee with Max and Oscar where I had a herbal tea (I was literally shaking after the macchiato with Wenrong! so ridiculous aha) It was so lovely catching up with them all after being away for four months or so, just wish I could have spent more time with everyone!

I thought I’d find it weird being back, and don’t get me wrong, coming into Durham Friday night was a really bizarre feeling, but by Saturday it felt like I’d been there for months, it was so nice!

As soon as coffee was over I had a mad shopping trip where I had to buy a million and one things in the space of about ten minutes. This meant I didn’t have time to get my eyebrows done 😦 😦 anyone who knows me well will know how upsetting that was to me lol

Then it was time to get ready for the ball!! I was surprisingly speedy, only taking about an hour! However, my dress was creased and I only had time to vaguely dry my hair but hey you can’t have everything!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
So so creased!

And then finally, the ball began! In my college at Durham you have three balls a year: Ladies Night (in November), Halfway Hall (in February) and June Ball (in June lol).

The castle!
So beautiful!

This year, the theme for Ladies Night was Greek Symposium. Unfortunately I didn’t take too many photos (was too busy hobbling round the castle in my heels trying to see everything!) but the decorations were as beautiful as usual and the food was goood.

I love dressing up so much and it was such a good way to see and catch up with everyone. I’m so glad I went, I’d been considering giving it a miss because it was another expense adding to the already expensive plane tickets, but the memories are 100% worth it!


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Sunday was spent feeling (slightly) worse for wear and embarking on a ten hour journey home. I had to get the train to Leeds, then the bus to Leeds Bradford Airport, then the plane and then the RER back home in Paris, which, of course, was delayed by about an hour! I was so ready for bed by the time I got home!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. My only sadness is that I felt like I didn’t get to spend enough time with anyone. However, there was simply not enough time, so it’s not like I could have done anything differently. Also it brought on one of the worst colds of my life of which I am still feeling the effects!

Make sure to check back here soon to hear about the next weekend when I returned to England for my sister’s 16th and my friend’s 21st!


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