Fondation Louis Vuitton


The other day I visited the Fondation Louis Vuitton where I took over 100 photos in the space of about 4 hours, so I had to share!

It’s such a cool building, only opened to the public in 2014 it is an innovative and stunning piece of architecture.

I arrived at around midday on a Sunday, if you are planning to visit I’d highly recommend booking in advance. I only had to queue for about half an hour but it felt like much longer in the freezing cold!


Once in, you’re directed around a gallery. The works on show change depending on the current exhibition. At the moment it is displaying “Icons of Modern Art. The Shcukin Collection”. Sergei Shchukin was a Russian art collector and this exhibition gathers his collection together, which includes works from impressionist, post-impressionist and modern artists such as Picasso,  Matisse, Gauguin, Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Signac.


I personally didn’t actually enjoy the gallery that much. It was so so crowded that it was hard to see any of the paintings for more than 5 seconds. I would definitely recommend going at a less busy time. But I do also seem to have some issues with crowds where I start feeling a bit overwhelmed and on edge, so it may have just been me!

too many people!

It has to be said though that I was very impressed by the Fondation LV app, it’s free and works as an audioguide, adding context to all of the paintings.

Once I had got through the gallery, I really started to enjoy myself. The building is so stunning, there are terraces with amazing views that I spent probably about an hour on and that make up the bulk of my photos. I could describe them more, but to be honest these photos speak for themselves.

The permanent exhibition at the Fondation explores this architectural masterpiece and is well worth a look if you’re interested in how the building was created. I found this part the most interesting, especially having just been outside on the terraces and experienced the building for myself!


I highly recommend a visit to this amazing place. It cost me €10 as an under 26 year old, and so although it is a lot more pricey than other sites in Paris (you can get in for free to pretty much any museum if under 26 and in the EU) it is very much worth it.


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