Four Day Weekend in Paris

I was reading my friend’s year abroad blog the other day and remembered why I’d been so excited for blogging this year. She’s already created such a lovely selection of memories to look back on whenever she wants to, and now that I’m over halfway through my time in Paris, I’m feeling very annoyed with myself for not updating this enough.

So, I am going to set myself the challenge of posting at least once a week. If I say it publicly on here then I’ll have to stick to it, right?

For this week’s post I wanted to talk about the long weekend. Tuesday (1st November) was a Bank Holiday in France (All Saint’s Day). On Friday my boss came up to me and told me I didn’t need to come in on Monday! I was so happy!! A four day weekend!!

To set the weekend off I went on a dinner cruise with my great aunt and uncle who live in Chantilly, close to Paris. We had a beautiful meal on the Seine, and floating past a sparkling Eiffel Tower was a particular favourite of mine!

Then on Saturday I met up with Eleanor who also goes to Durham. We hadn’t really spoken much at uni, but once out here I found myself with a shortage of friends, so sent her a message and we went from there! This time we decided to go to the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson. I’m not going to lie, the exhibition went a little over my head, I still don’t know what made the photographs any more special than photos I take on my phone. It was an exhibition on Louis Farrer and included many pictures from America in the 40s and 50s. I’m sure they were amazing photos, especially for their time, I’m just not sure I completely understand photography haha..
We then had lunch and omg I am still dreaming of this pasta. It was a beautiful, creamy, salmon tagliatelle. Genuinely one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten and considering it was €14 I don’t think that’s too bad going!
heaven on a plate
After lunch we walked to the Fondation Cartier, which was an amazing piece of architecture with trees growing inside of it?!?! We were both feeling a little poor after having to unexpectedly pay for the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition and a pretty expensive lunch so decided to give it a miss going inside this time, but I will definitely be back soon!
trees in the building??
On Sunday I decided to have a more chilled out day. I did some drawing and started to get veery excited for Halloween! I went to BHV to get some facepaint and got lost in their art section. There’s just so much beautiful art stuff in there, I wanted everything but surprisingly managed to limit myself to a rubber and a sharpener haha.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
passed a super cool bubble guy on the way!

Sunday evening I went to Franglish and I’m really noticing an improvement in my french! I could understand almost everything!! My speaking still isn’t great which is annoying because I feel like I have the vocabulary and grammar knowledge but it just won’t come together.. This guy however gave me some great tips, including listening to french podcasts and writing down what I can hear, then repeating until I get it perfect and have memorised the phrases, and then using and modifying those phrases in daily life. I will definitely be trying it!

Monday I had to do a bit of translation for work but was done by about 2/3pm. I went for a walk down to the Centre Georges Pompidou but the queue was way too long for the amount of time I’d be able to spend in there so explored the area a little, stumbling upon Les Halles (how have I never been there before?!).

Centre Georges Pompidou

I then headed home and then the fun began!! I’m going to have a whole different post on what I went as for Halloween but let’s just say it was super fun!! (though a little time consuming lol). My housemate and I went to a party and had a really nice time 🙂

Tuesday I thankfully wasn’t hungover!! I had another chilled out day at home, doing some more of my drawing and finishing new girl ( 😥 ) though I don’t think I’ve actually finished, the French nextflix doesn’t have season 5! So I will be researching where to watch that in the near future haha..

Then I went for dinner with Eleanor, after seeing her flat (which is lovely) we went to a restaurant called Le TrésOr. Although this was kind of expensive, it was definitely worth it for a bank holiday treat!! I got a steak with béarnaise sauce and aligot, a creamy cheesy mash potato which I still can’t stop thinking about!! It was so so so so amazing like genuinely highly recommend!!

It was a lovely end to a lovely bank holiday. I’m feeling much much more settled in Paris now, and am looking forward to the next three months! I have trips to Munich, Durham, home and Cambridge planned all within the next month which is super exciting and I will (I promise) be documenting it well!! Need the memories for when I’m old and grey haha

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