Sorry sorry sorry for the super late post- have had a super busy month including my 21st birthday! Here’s a jumbo post on everything I’ve been up to:


I visited family in chantilly which is a beautiful commune very close to Paris! I went round the stunning chateau and had a premature birthday meal in a very fancy restaurant! Was very much spoiled 🙂


I went home the next weekend for a much needed break. I absolutely loved seeing my family, we went to my grandparents for a birthday celebration (and to celebrate my brother getting into Oxford) and I came back to Paris feeling very loved.

My mum bought me 21 presents!!! Obviously not all big things, but each one was so thoughtful and lovely, I was very overwhelmed!

One of them was this box she engraved and varnished in which she has placed messages from 21 people! I haven’t opened any yet because I’m waiting until I am feeling low and need cheering up (which luckily hasn’t happened yet). It’s just such a beautiful present though I’m still so so touched by it..


The next weekend was packed as well. My friend Wenrong came to visit me and we took on Paris on Saturday, visiting Notre dame, Saints chapelle, Pont Neuf, the champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe!

Arc de Triomphe
Pont Neuf
Sainte Chapelle

I then had a few friends round to celebrate my birthday which was super fun! We went round the bars around place de contrescarpe

Paris Date

After a lovely meal with my housemates on the day of my actual birthday, I finished my birthday celebrations by spending the weekend with my boyfriend. We saw so many cool places, I highly recommend Lac Daumesnil if you’re looking for an interesting date idea in Paris, and of course the Eiffel Tower!! We went at 10pm and it was so empty it was so lovely!


And there we are. Now that all that madness is over and that I’ll actually have some free weekends, I promise I’ll update this a whole lot more!

A bientôt !


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