Le Premier Jour

LOVELYFLOWERMy first day in Paris was actually 5 days ago now, but everything has been so hectic what with working full time everyday and barely having enough time to sleep! Now that’s it’s finally the weekend I thought I’d update you on the first day of my year abroad, which already feels like a lifetime ago!

So in case you haven’t read my last blog post, I came to Paris with my friend, who very kindly offered to keep me company for a few days until I could move into my apartment!

We decided to spend Sunday exploring the area, so we set off and immediately came upon a castle-like building

Not gonna lie, I don’t know what this actually is, but I really like that I keep happening upon majestic looking buildings literally on every other street, it’s so cool and I really should try and learn what some of them are!

After this bit of sightseeing we decided to find somewhere to eat and ended up in a French café where we both ordered potato omelettes.

I’ll be honest, these omelettes weren’t amazing, they literally were just eggs and potatoes haha, I’d assumed there’d be tomatoes or mushrooms or something as well!

At this point the sun was out in full force and it was way too hot to be walking around, so we went to the  Jardin du Luxembourg which is suuuuch a beautiful park! I’m actually living pretty close now so will definitely go there at weekends whilst the weather holds out.

After this we decided to head for Notre Dame. Now even though this isn’t actually that far, it was absolutely boiling at this point, I was quickly losing motivation haha, but we made it in the end!
At this point I really was dying haha, so we headed home where we had a quick nap and then went to st German to eat.Of course, pretty much everywhere was closed, what with it being a Sunday. But we finally found somewhere and ngl I felt pretty fancy with my red wine being serenaded by a man on an accordion!

After eating this beauts food we decided to walk back instead of taking the metro because it had cooled down a bit. Lizzie bought a frozen yoghurt on the way (being lactose intolerant literally ruins my life).

However, the spoonful I managed to have was amazing!

And then we headed to bed, getting a relatively early night to be ready for my first day at work the next morning!

This was such a lovely first day of my year abroad, and I’m so lucky and grateful that I got to spend it with my friend. When I look back on this day I already feel like I’ve grown so much (lol I know how ridiculous that sounds!) but now that it’s Friday I’ve had my first full week at work, have moved into my new flat and have already overcome some pretty horrendous stuff (do not fear I’ll have a whole separate blog post about that coming in a day or two haha) so now I’m lying in bed feeling pretty happy with myself!


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