The Arrival

The Arrival

My year abroad has officially begun!

After 24 hours of stressing out over packing, I was finally ready to leave.

A few weeks ago one of my best friends offered to come with me to Paris for a few days, to make the beginning less lonely (I can only move into my flat on Wednesday so would be living alone for a few days) so, after picking her up and getting a lift to the station, we were off!

As a side note, look at the size of the suitcase I managed to fit all my stuff in! I’m still in awe of myself haha

On the train to St Pancras let’s be real I was low-key freaking out; terrified that I’d left something behind and terrified of the prospect of so many unknowns awaiting me in Paris.

However, after a quick Costa at St Pancras and Check In, the excitement started to set in, and on the Eurostar it hit full force!

Even though I was feeling pretty travel sick, I was so so excited to explore Paris with my friend and have the most amazing experiences for the next six months. During the taxi to our airbnb we drove past so many beautiful buildings and people dining outdoors in cafés at 11:30pm, true Parisian style, which served to further fuel my excitement!

I’m now lying in bed in the Airbnb, the next morning, ready to take on the year ahead- lets do this!


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